Habitats of People

Habitats of People


Who we are

At Habitats of People, we build architecture where people can thrive. We design and create habitats that are healthy and contribute to physical and mental well-being. Our habitats stimulate, amaze and inspire. We always pay attention to the small details that make a project special. Because ultimately, a good living environment makes people more active, more productive, more socially engaged and ultimately happier. In addition, our designs are energy efficient and we use sustainable and natural materials that can be applied in a circular way.

We are the total package

We offer services ranging from initial sketches to detailed technical drawings and on-site aesthetic management during the implementation phase. Because we stay involved from start to finish, we can work efficiently and control the design throughout the design and construction process. Our projects range from residential construction to apartment complexes, houses, apartments, cafes, offices, custom interior elements, furniture and lighting. We work with private and corporate clients on a daily basis.

We work together

With a small team of experienced designers, we research and work closely with many different disciplines ranging from furniture builders, contractors, carpenters, steel fabricators, façade specialists, lighting consultants and marketing/strategy experts.

Our Process

You are unique, as is your project. However, these 5 different phases within the design process are the same within each project (based on general architect regulations set forth in the DNR 2011, percentages below are rough indications)

Phase 1
Sketch design
Phase 2
Preliminary Design
Phase 3
Technical Design & Permit Drawings
Phase 4
Final (Interior) Design & Specifications
Phase 5
Execution / Construction supervision

Our Team

  • Bo van Niekerk

  • Michael Cerrone

  • Joshua Boyd

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process look like?

During the process, we go through several phases. We start with a sketch design where we explore the spatial options using a number of variants. By means of floor plans and 3D visualizations we visualize the architectural appearance and atmosphere of the interior. After the presentation of these and your comments on them, we continue with the preliminary design, where we proceed in a chosen direction / combination of directions. Again a presentation and consultation moment follows, after which we make the architectural drawings / permit drawings if necessary. After that comes the final (interior) design if necessary. In the previous phases, a design is made for the exterior, the layout, finishes and an outline for the fixed furniture and bathroom(s). In the final design, all relevant components and connections are worked out in detail and discussed with the contractor and furniture maker. Cost calculations are made (by contractors and furniture makers) and, if necessary, the design is adjusted based on these quotes.

Will you help select the right contractor and other builders?

During final design, we request bids from several contractors for comparison. Together with the client, we then choose the most suitable contractor.

Do you have contractors you work with often?

Certainly, we have now established relationships with all kinds of contractors and builders. Of course, if you prefer to suggest a contractor yourself, that's no problem either!

How much does it cost to (re)build?

That depends on the project, we can tell you more about that when we know something about the project. Fill in the contact form (press contact at the bottom of the page) or call us on 0202441965 to find out more about costs.

Do you also do supervision during construction?

Often yes, by doing construction supervision we keep everything under control and check that the builders comply with the drawings. We can also have things pop up during renovations. We then come up with appropriate solutions for that.

How much does it cost to make drawings for a project?

It depends on the type of project, construction budget and square footage, among other things. Request a quote through this link or call us at 0202441965 to learn more about costs.

How do I know if I need a permit?

At the beginning of the first phase, the sketch plan, we examine what is possible permit-free. Also look at what is possible within the zoning plan. If necessary, we contact the municipality to find out if a permit is required.

How long does a project take?

It depends, for example, on the size of the project and whether it requires a permit. We can tell you more about that once we know something about the project. Fill out the contact form (press contact at the bottom of the page) or call us on 0202441965 to find out more about the time period.

Can I continue to live in my home during a remodel?

We usually advise against this because of the stress it creates. In some cases it is possible, if only part of the house is remodeled.

Do you also work outside the Netherlands?

Yes, we have completed projects in Belgium and France, but always find a challenge across the border interesting. Sometimes we then work with a local architect who has knowledge of local regulations and does the permit application.

Can I get a free consultation?

Yes, we offer free consultations to learn more about your project and how we can help you achieve your vision. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment!

How long does it take to complete a construction project?

The time it takes to complete a construction project can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. For example, an addition and renovation may take a few months; a new home can easily take six months.

  • Review by Tim
    renovation Wouwerman Street,

    HOP helped us with the complete renovation and extension of our house in Amsterdam. They supported us during the entire process: starting from the design and communication with the council up until the final completion of the project. During the process Michael and Bo kept us up to date on every detail, took into account our desires and adaptations and gave us advice on aesthetic and practical issues.

  • Review by Marit,
    house extension Volkerakstraat,

    Always there when we need them or have questions, they are professional and most importantly, they delivered a high quality design. Our project is still going (or just started) but until now our experience has been amazing! I would highly recommend this company!

  • Review by Dorian,
    renovation New Prinsengracht,

    HOP has turned two dark garden rooms into bright, very pleasant spaces. The elegant metal window frames correspond to the wooden windows of the higher floors in the rear facade. Lighting and heating elements are beautiful and well integrated. The collaboration with the architect was very pleasant at all stages of the renovation and the result is great in every way. Five stars!

  • Review by Matt
    co owner Buddy Buddy

    HOP are simply excellent architects and interior designers. Our project Buddy Buddy was tricky with many constraints and challenges, plus our high expectations! Yet somehow HOP managed to create something that exceeded our expectations. We’re now featured on Dezeen and nominated for several design awards. The guys are all strong at problem solving and quick thinking which helped take the enormous stress of our shoulders. We really appreciate all the late nights and hard work HOP dedicated to make our project a success.


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