<span>Anook stands for “a nook”: a place or corner to recess, which offers seclusion or security. This definition was the driving force of its owner Julia, an American-German chef with the ambition to start her own bakehouse in Amsterdam. Anook Bakehouse is supposed to make you feel like you’re in a warm and comfy space though at the same time it takes you far away in a mediterranean-like setting with hints of places like Marrakesh and Bali. </span>

HOP was responsible for the entire interior design and the renovation of the exterior. The stone facade and window frames were restored and painted in cream white and terracotta colors, complementing the interior. The glass front has been brought back to its original state with curved glass and a bronze strip which was built in a similar way in the early 20th century for its first occupant: (also) a bakery. 

The interior of the cafe consists of two parts: the ground floor and the upper floor. On the ground floor the stone counter attracts all of the attention from the street side. Cladded with terracotta tiles from Portugal and equipped with a large curved glass vitrine with stunning American-style pies and pastries, this counter can not go by unnoticed by pedestrians. Above the vitrine hang hand-made terracotta pendants and on the back wall are placed custom 3D printed wall lights, painted in the same color as the walls.

Specialty coffee, pastries and cakes
40 m2 cafe / 42 m2 basement (kitchens)

On the first floor, the stone counter draws all the attention

Project image
Project image

Upstairs is the "nook" (the cozy corner)


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At the back is a custom-made planter with cacti and a terracotta-colored steel railing that leads you from the first floor to the upper floor. The upper floor houses the seating area and store. New walls have been built in this area, containing alcoves for terracotta art and a "nook": a special place for two people in the corner to chat in private. The walls, nook, bench and floor are all finished with a concrete-like stucco to enhance the Mediterranean feel of this space.