<span>In the lively 3rd arrondissement of Paris, near the famous Place de la Republique, one can find a new kind of coffeeshop: the Bing Sutt. The concept of the Bing Sutt (also known as “Cha Chaan Teng”) originated in Hong Kong and its popularity grew rapidly during the 1950s and 1960s. The literal translation of Bing Sutt is “Ice Chamber” and refers to the typically cold drinks that are served within the cafes. </span>

HOP was asked to design a modern, Parisian version of the Hong Kong Bing Sutt in Paris for an experienced barista who wanted to start her own business in the capital of France. Davina, born and raised in Hong Kong, has always been fascinated by the atmosphere of the remaining Bing Sutts in her city and came up with the idea to start her own Bing Sutt in Paris after she’s been living there for the last couple of years.

The Bing Sutt in Paris contains many characteristic elements of the original Hong Kong Bing Sutt such as typical octagon floor tiles, wooden seating benches, dark green colors, ceiling fans and various other recognizable features. All these elements have been given a modern twist in a new minimalistic design. 


Paris, France
Specialty coffee, pastries and lunch
29 m2 cafe / 27 m2 basement

A traditional concept from Hong Kong

Project image
Project image

The facade has been restored and the facade newly installed


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On the outside a dark green steel facade has been placed within the restored Parisian stone facade. On the inside beige color tones form the basis of the interior with octagon and square Winckelmans floor tiles, HPL cabinets and painted walls. The beige undertones form a lively contrast with the dark oak wood details and the dark green island, display cabinets and facade. 

Coming from a place where one can cool down and going to a place where one can warm up with a specialty coffee or Chinese milk tea. This Bing Sutt has its own identity and adapted itself to its local Parisian habitat.