Little Big Bungalow


This compact wooden family home is composed of four compact volumes connected by a central cross. The wood-clad volumes are placed on a mound, allowing the house to stand high and dry with a beautiful view of the surroundings. The "floating" corner of the living volume can slide fully open to create an open connection to the adjacent terrace that wraps around this corner of the house. Although this bungalow home is modest in size, the interior spaces feel surprisingly spacious due to the high ceilings created by the playful roofscape. These playful roofs not only create spaciousness within the home, but also provide space for the PV cells and allow for central collection of rainwater for use in times of drought.

The wooden windows and doors have an aluminum finish on the outside, making them long-lasting while creating a warm atmosphere in the interior spaces. Together with the other wooden elements within the interior, we created a natural atmosphere that will be the ideal home for this young family for years to come.

housing (self-build), urban farming
140 m2

Compact home, grand gesture

The playful roofscape not only provides space for the integrated solar panels, but also creates a sense of space in the otherwise compact interior spaces, making this house feel like a "little big bungalow.

Project image
Project image

Subtle aging

As time passes, the thermally modified wood cladding will subtly gray and take on a silvery appearance. The color of the window frames and set-back plinth are chosen so that they will match this, making sure the home will age gracefully


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This is HOP's second detached home in Oosterwold. The house is set up so that every square meter is used optimally - thereby achieving more with less. By cleverly dealing with the client's wishes, the spaces were designed so that they can be adapted in the future to change along with its residents. Also curious how we can make your dream home become a reality? Contact us for an exploratory conversation!