<span>Located to the east of Utrecht lies this 224m2 villa on a plot of 866m2. The house was originally built in the 70s and will now be completely redesigned / enlarged to fit the needs of its new inhabitants: a young South-African family that has recently moved to the Netherlands. </span>

The objective was to create a home that is closely connected to the outdoors, like they’ve had in their previous home back in Cape Town. To achieve this HOP designed the house with many large windows at the front and back going from floor to ceiling and creating a visual connection between the front garden and the back garden. Direct sunlight and rain will be avoided as much as possible by adding canopies at the large window openings with a steel frame going all around the edges of the roof and with visible wooden slats below. At the front windows the owners will plant a lively variation of plants to create intimacy and greenery at each side of the house. 

This villa will be very energy efficient with high-quality insulation, a green roof, electric heating and solar panels. The canopies prevent overheating in summer and also extend the life of the wooden window frames and the wooden cladding of the hidden garage and entrance door. All exposed wood is made of durable wood with a natural coating to preserve the warm earth tones that contrast with the warm white plaster on the exterior.


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Project image


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