For a couple with two young children, HOP created the design for a new floor plan and complete interior design of this apartment in Amsterdam West. The client's wish was to create the perfect family home with sustainable, dynamic and child-friendly materials. On different levels, HOP fulfilled these wishes:

All walls are finished with 100% natural clay stucco of which more than half of these walls have received an extra special treatment called "Decoleem" composed by the Amsterdam company Tierrafino. This type of stucco, originally from Morocco, is not only very environmentally friendly, it also provides a pleasant climate in the house by keeping the humidity well constant. Should you ever damage the walls, this stucco can be easily repaired (even by the residents) without having to redo the entire wall.

90 m2 (ground floor)

All walls are finished with 100% natural clay stucco

Project image
Project image

All cabinets are made of genuine walnut wood veneer


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The kitchen has been enlarged to make room for a kitchen island. All cabinets are made of real walnut wood veneer and open with Buster and Punch handles. The kitchen countertop is made of granite with green and brown tones that match the color palette in the rest of the apartment. All materials have a vibrant texture and are very durable and child-friendly. The icing on the cake (for the residents) is the freestanding semi-professional stove.

The hall, kitchen, dining area and lounge are all designed as one unit within the first floor of the apartment. In the lounge, the TV sits on the same type of cabinet with dark wood veneer as in the kitchen, and in the dining area, the wooden table with olive green linoleum top and black steel base complements the materials in the rest of the apartment's spaces. The result is a luxurious and sustainable family home Amsterdam West.