To make this dyke house in Amsterdam North suitable for the young family who had bought it, a thorough renovation with extension was necessary. The popular Nieuwendammerdijk sets the stage for many renovations and additions, this project stands out in both form and materialization. The first step involved replacing the house's delapitated foundations. New concrete walls and floors ensure that groundwater cannot enter, preventing the house "slipping" off the dyke.

In the two-story extension, a void combined with a huge steel facade creates a spatial connection between the basement, first floor and backyard. This allows daylight to enter and visually connects the two floors. When opening the double glass doors, fresh air flows throughout the house. The exterior is clad with charred wood, for a striking appearance and a durable facade that will survive the test of time.

Remodeling with expansion and interior design In collaboration with: && (&Prast&Hooft)
160 m2

A modern addition to the rear of the dike house

A complete renovation from the foundation to the roof was needed to make the house waterproof and future-proof again.

Project image
Project image

A large steel facade connecting two floors

This visually connects the kitchen and dining area upstairs to the living area downstairs and daylight connects the different floors


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Within the interior, a complete redesign was necessary. The new blue kitchen with brass details stands free in the space and forms a central point within the ground floor. The bespoke steel staircase with floating treads is designed to create a second open connection, this time between the ground floor and first floor. These interior and exterior elements result in a home with many interesting visual and spatial qualities, ensuring that the young family can enjoy it for many years to come.