This custom-made interior features a comfortable lounger that flows into the centrally located kitchen.

Who needs another bed with a lounger like this one? 'Lazy sundays' will no longer be the same in this picturesque home in Amsterdam West. Together with our client, we came up with a completely new layout with a centrally placed, eye-catching kitchen. Where custom oak and terrazzo details result in a special kitchen that wraps around the antique staircase and turns into a lounger overlooking the garden.

Fun fact: The custom cabinetry was built by the client himself! Along with a bathroom that exudes peace and tranquility, this home is the perfect place to unwind - right next to the hustle and bustle of city life.

85 m2

Oak cabinets run from front to back

Applying custom furniture allowed it to adapt to the existing elements that were preserved such as the antique 19th century cast iron spiral staircase

Project image
Project image

Oak window forms lookout

The custom furniture ends at the garden as and generous lounger where the new oak window frames the view of the garden and the slat gardens behind it


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