Nicolaas Maesstraat


A soft color palette, natural materials and vintage furniture make this newly renovated family home on Nicolaas Maesstraat a home that doesn't feel "new" but rather warm and inviting. This project might be one of our most thorough renovations to date. Both floors of this incredible home have been completely redone, expanded and modernized. The new floor plan of the living space resulted in an open floor plan where multiple strategically placed windows create playful sight lines between the different areas of the home. Within the carefully crafted new ornamental ceiling, we created a new lighting plan to create the perfect ambiance during these gloomy fall days.

Within the Nicolaas Maesstraat project, the walnut flooring and materials palette of the 2nd floor extends to the 3rd floor. Here we positioned four bedrooms and two bathrooms arranged to maximize every square foot - which meant we still had room left over to plop into a custom-built sauna - perfect for drizzly days like today. The master bedroom provides access to the 3rd floor terrace, and a newly installed staircase provides access to the new roof terrace - perhaps the most used part of this delightful new home.

Together with the client, contractor, structural engineer, furniture maker and interior stylist, we are creating a home for this young family to grow up in for years to come.

210 m2

Walnut flooring extends to the 3rd floor

Project image
Project image

Both floors are fully expanded and modernized


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