Four large glass windows look out over the lush garden. One of our co-founders (Bo) bought an outworn house at the Afrikanerplein in Amsterdam East together with his girlfriend Jorinde van Essen and completely turned the place upside-down.

The design includes an extension over the full width of the garden. The  Z-shape of the floor plan made it possible to create a living space and the master bed room on the garden side.

Due to the absence of corridors in the house and a living area that extends from the street side to the garden side, the space feels very generous. The oak wall cupboard is divided into three parts, and contains the toilet, kitchen, bookcases, wardrobes and a hidden storage room.

87 m2

Complete renovation of a dilapidated home

The floor plan has been carefully designed to not include corridors, making every square meter usable as living space

Project image
Project image

The details are not the details, they are the design

From the wooden facade to the bespoke cabinetry - every inch of this home has been carefully detailed


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The large exterior sliding glass doors that are always open in summer invite the inhabitants to often use the (herb) garden as an extension of the living room.